For a green, community-based and thoroughly democratic Plymouth.

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Critical Mass Bike Ride

Every 1st Sunday, ride 1.30-3pm

  • Plymouth #CriticalMass meets at 1.30pm for a 2pm start at the Hoe.
  • After the two successful rides the group decided to make it a regular thing!
  • Ending the ride at the Hoe with a picnic : )
  • Bring noise, colours, friends & family!
  • #CriticalMass is promoting the joy of cycling and the need for safer cycling infrastructure in Plymouth.
  • Sunday 1st Oct, 5 Nov, 3 Dec, 7 Jan, 4 Feb, 3 Mar, 7 Apr, 5 May, 2 Jun, 7 Jul, 4 Aug

Mindful Communication

Sunday 17 September, 11am @ the Village Hub

Even though we communicate every day, we still have a lot to learn.

Communication is at the heart of everything we do in our daily lives.

This workshop is for you if you're eager to:
👉 learn how to give constructive feedback confidently.
👉 elevate your listening skills.
👉 discover different ways to skilfully deal with tensions and conflicts.

We will do exercises in pairs and small groups to practice new competencies and develop awareness while listening and speaking.


Online Climate Fresk

29 September, 6-9pm @ the interwebs

Did you miss the Climate Fresk that we did at the Village Hub a few weeks ago? Or do you live too far away to come to a Fresk in the city centre, Stonehouse or Stoke? 

No worries! We're organising an online Climate Fresk that's open to everyone. (Limited spaces available, book your ticket ASAP!)

The Climate Fresk is an interactive and collaborative workshop on climate change, providing a foundational understanding of our climate challenge, and empowering participants to take constructive action.

Who's it for?

👉 If you're relatively new to the topic of climate change, this is the best 3 hours you can spend on it.

👉 If you're already advanced, you will discover a tool to raise awareness and empower others around you.


Circular Economy & Construction Collage

Two amazing workshops are coming up that shed light on the Circular Economy and the Construction Industry.

The Circular Economy Collage looks at our existing (linear) economic model, highlights its impacts and invites participants to explore a different, circular model, that uses fewer resources, designs out waste and respects the limits of our planet. (25 September)

Construction Collage is a participatory workshop that breaks down how the construction and built environment industry affects the living world. (26 September)


With community at the centre, we are building a green and thoroughly democratic city.

Growing the movement

providing opportunities for people to get involved and strengthening collective action skills.

Rooting the community

facilitating a home-base and building trust between people, groups and organisations involved in social and climate justice.

Practising utopia

experiencing and experimenting with alternative systems that can replace more mainstream, harmful structures and cultures.

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“The Climate Centre is an inclusive, welcoming, home from home in the heart of the city.  An invaluable mix of community support, creative exploration, education and social gathering around climate and energy issues.”

Clare Mains

Advice Lead at Plymouth Energy Community

“I have found like minded people who are kind and have a real sense of care that they extend to the community.I love the bonded-ness and our determination to make positive change.”


CCC Visitor

"In a time when the impact and reality of climate change and biodiversity loss are hitting the headlines, people need access to information and pathways to meaningful action. CCC provides just that, and so much more."

Amerie Rose

PSEN Coordinator and Activator

"The team works hard to listen and help everyone approach this challenging subject from their own personal perspective.”

Lucinda Brook

Low Carbon City Officer at Plymouth City Council

Gratitudes for our larger community…