We envision a green, community-based and thoroughly democratic Plymouth.

Our mission is to cultivate collective action on social and climate justice, by nurturing a thriving community of practice and care.

Our Aims

Growing the movement

providing opportunities for people to get involved and strengthening collective action skills.

Rooting the community

facilitating a home-base and building trust between people, groups and organisations involved in social and climate justice.

Practising utopia

experiencing and experimenting with alternative systems that can replace more mainstream, harmful structures and cultures.


Many of us Plymouthians live in draughty, damp homes, leading to ill health and high energy bills. In addition, public transport and active travel infrastructure is inadequate, creating car-dependency, while 28% of Plymouthians do not have access to a car*. On top of that, long-term exposure to air pollution is killing 1 in 19 people in UK cities**. As 1/3 of Plymouth’s emissions come from heating homes and 1/3 comes from transport***, reducing the carbon emissions of Plymouth works in tandem with improving our everyday lives. 

Our community is negatively affected by the climate crisis and fossil fuel dependency. Last summer we faced record drought and heat. This winter’s crippling energy prices forced many to choose between heating and eating. 13.9% of Plymouth households were living in fuel poverty even before the energy price spikes of 2022****. Plymouth needs green changemakers to transition towards a just, green city. But civic engagement is historically low and there is a lack of public spaces to come together.

* Source: http://www.dataplymouth.co.uk/keyfacts
** Source: https://airqualitynews.com/health/air-pollution-linked-to-one-in-19-uk-deaths/
*** Source: https://climateconnectionsplymouth.co.uk/challenges/what-does-this-mean-for-plymouth/
****  Source: Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, sub-regional fuel poverty statistics 2022 (2020 data)